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Dui ma ?

Color film, sound, no dialogue, 58’
Director : François Daireaux
Editing : François Daireaux
Sound : Suzanne Durand / François Daireaux
Co-producer : Spectre Productions / François Daireaux
Diffuser : Phantom

An interplay of fragmented stories. Of what emerges. An incredible tale of the violent mutations in today’s China, a freehand sketch in a visual style where one vision chases another. Nothing settles in definitively, except the sensation of trembling. With this new film, François Daireaux describes a vast social choreography in which matter vies with absent bodies for life. Landscapes implode, immense cities appear and amidst them we see the frustrated dance of men who search for their place in a world that is too large. At moments burlesque, at others strange, the film is finally glacial. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

"...we should reclaim the positive value of the anecdote (laughter)! In any case, I’d say that nowadays a large portion of my work, perhaps even all of it, undergoes a form of “micro-narrative,” similar to the anecdote. All to say that I think the term “micro-narrative” best describes my current work. It’s often been said that my work up until now has been an association or even a juxtaposition of fragments. But it’s far more accurate to say that I build a story based on these micro-narratives."