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Color film, no dialogue, 22’
Director : François Daireaux
Editing : François Daireaux
Screenplay : François Daireaux
Sound : Suzanne Durand / François Daireaux


Haining is an industrial city in Zhejiang Province in China. It is known for its many home textiles factories. Daireaux immerses us in the heart of some of these factories. It starts with a workers back whose job is to scrutinize miles of tissues to detect any manufacturing defect. The body of the young woman oscillates in an endless goes and comes right-left in front of the tissue which does not stop it falling and becomes thereby curtain. A daylight, which snatches and keeps at a distance at the same time, irradiates the face which we shall never see or with so few details as the recognition is not possible. Then faces of workers appear surreptitiously and disappear behind the oscillation and the endless scrolling of tissues. They are faces closed, tired by the repetition of gestures and the hardness of the work. Their expressions contrast with the sweetness of materials in the ornamental motives and in the brilliant colors. The word is absent because it is not necessary. Daireaux films the denial of the individual forced to the isolation by the material which he produces.