In February 2007, I made the acquaintance of P.Chellappan in the park of College of Fine Arts Trivandrum in Kerala in India.
Then, he took me by the hand and made me do the visit of the park while appointing to me the many plaster busts representing him.
All the busts were in an advanced stage of decomposition process, thrown on the floor, discarded.
I then learned that he was for twenty years model in this art school.
Impressed by this meeting I returned in December 2007 to Trivandrum to make the surmoulages of 28 busts found in the park and I asked P.Chellappan to pose in front of a white bottom for a sequence shot of 25 minutes.
It was his first and last video sequence plan.
He committed suicide in April 2010 after his final pose.

P.Chellappan, 2008.
P.Chellappan, 2008.
28 plaster figures on 28 sculptor turntables, color video, silent, 25’ in a continuous loop, 1 screen, size 16/9.

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