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Extract 15’

‘Devki’ is the owner of “Bhagwati Glass Enterprises”, a glass tube factory in Firozabad that he created in the year 1973. After devoting himself to the business for more than three decades, he now doesn’t visit any of the production units himself. He stays confined to his office and controls work through a screen with images sent from six surveillance cameras placed in different sections of the factory. These blurred and vacillating images are his only contact with the activity of his workers, who produce phenomenal quantities of glass tubes, day and night.

François Daireaux, spent days in Devki’s office for days filming these images displayed on the control screen along with recording some off-screen conversations. Devki’s office constantly had visitors who were friends, business associates, workers and acquaintances. The artist as an observer sat there filming these intimate, political and/or economic dialogues which turned the place into a veritable microcosm with a global context sometimes. Behind closed doors, stories unfolded, intersected,and often tales were embroidered, while in the production spaces the workers rested, waited, breathed, and played, in close proximity to the incandescent glass stream that passed by.

Director : François Daireaux
Photography : François Daireaux
Editing : François Daireaux - Sébastien Descoins
Sound : François Daireaux
Mix : Gil Savoy

With the support of : L’Institut Français (Bourse Hors-les-murs), L’Institut Français de New Delhi et La Région Bretagne (Innovation-Recherche