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Extract 15’

We are in Firozabad in India in a family factory of glass tubes. The boss, Devki, founded "Bhagwati Glass Enterprise" in 1973. Today, he hasn’t been on the production lines for a long time, he remains confined to his office. In front of him, the door opens, closes, according to the visits of friends, shopkeepers, workers, lawyers... And always, he keeps his eye on the control screen, observing the images six surveillance cameras that continuously film the production spaces. These blurred and flickering images are his only contact with the harshness of the work of his workers who produce glass tubes day and night in phenomenal quantities. Traditional know-how and international trade collide. The registers of images intertwine, words arise, stories are developed. We worry about the future.

Director : François Daireaux
Photography : François Daireaux
Editing : François Daireaux - Sébastien Descoins
Sound : François Daireaux
Mix : Gil Savoy

With the support of : L’Institut Français (Bourse Hors-les-murs), L’Institut Français de New Delhi et La Région Bretagne (Innovation-Recherche