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PRICE : 45 euros TTC
In bookshops June 4th 2021
ISBN : 978-2-843140-47-1
24 x 32 cm, 260 pages, 120 pictures in 4 colors, hard cover.
French, english, chinese.
Editor : Loco

DISCOVER shows the true color of today’s China. It makes us face a brutal, violent and suffocating reality. The photographer François Daireaux offers a testimony of a disturbing and dehumanized world that escapes us. These photos show the hidden face of a state-continent frantically racing for urbanization.

The book reveals a predatory China, relentlessly mutating and constantly developing. Nothing seems to be able to slow it down, not even the crises, starting with the COVID-19 outbreak. Is this the price to pay for the Chinese dream? Emmanuel Lincot, sinologist, brings intense poems to these photographs. Written in French, they have been translated in English and Chinese.

This book is the result of a long observational work from François Daireaux during his numerous peregrinations from Anshan, in northeast China, to Xinjiang, in the Uyghur region. The China that is depicted is anxiety-inducing as it is the symptom of modern issues.This work questions this Chinese reality and appears to be a premonitory work, both in the illustration of its booming urban culture, neglecting its human aspect.

DISCOVER is powerful as it penetrates readers’ minds and makes them question today’s China. François Daireaux interrogates this complex and paradoxical power throughout a hundred and twenty pictures diving into China’s visual universe. Emmanuel Lincot’s twenty- ve metaphorical poems extend this immersion. His writing takes us back to the origins of Chinese history and culture. This book is also an invitation to travel. The trilingual version (French, English, Chinese) of its texts is an unprecedented work on the power of language.